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Peppol for Enterprises

Billbay is a full-fledged Peppol Service Provider capable of exchanging Peppol E-Documents in all Peppol Regions.

  • Peppol Access Point
  • Peppol Monitor
  • Peppol Format Conversions
  • Advanced Business Validations

InvoiceNow QuickStart

E-Invoicing solutions for new businesses in Singapore

Billbay’s Ignite Alfa is a comprehensive lightweight Enterprise Resource Planning solution that brings immense power and flexibility to your operations. This initiative is designed for new businesses to accelerate technology adoption bundled with InvoiceNow so they can focus on growing and stabilizing their business. Existing businesses too can make use of our Ignite Alfa for free when you sign up for any of Access Point subscription plans.

Quickstart with Ignite Alfa
  • Enjoy pre-built connectivity to the InvoiceNow network for all document types
  • Comprehensive Accounting, Sales, Quotation & Purchase Modules.
  • Scale up to a full-featured ERP solution as and when your business scales.
  • For new business, One year free with full features including InvoiceNow bundled as a plug & play ERP package.
  • Start transacting on InvoiceNow and readily qualify for some great incentives and grants from IMDA.

Get a Peppol Access Point or get a Peppol-Ready ERP/ Accounting Solution.

Peppol Access Point
Peppol-Ready Solution
Peppol-Ready Solution
Benefits of InvoiceNow

Exchange E-Documents across a secure business network

Effortlessly transmit business documents with your trading partners, from one system to another across the peppol network. See immediate process efficiencies around reduce data entry and improved accuracy. Get connected to the Peppol network and transmit these peppol documents & more.

  •     Invoice
  •     Order
  •     Invoice Response
  •     Order Response

Questions & Answers

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • Why has InvoiceNow been introduced?

    InvoiceNow is the nation-wide network introduced by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in 2019. This initiative was introduced to enable businesses to go digital, while also improving business efficiency, lowering business costs, receiving faster payments, and helping businesses go paperless.

  • What network does InvoiceNow use?

    InvoiceNow uses the Peppol network which is used in many countries to support the exchange of business documents. It provides a standardized format that allows exchange of data across different systems.

  • I have my own accounting system, do I need to replace it?

    No, you do not need to replace your existing system. With our Peppol Adaptor service you can readily translate your invoices to Peppol e-invoices and transmit them across the Peppol Network using our Access Point.

  • I already send invoices in PDF format, how will this benefit me?

    PDF invoices still require manual entry of data into your accounting system. Upon receiving your invoice, your recipient will have to key in the relevant data into their respective accounting system. These can cause delays in payments and give room for human errors. By e-invoicing you can automate and speed-up the entire process.

  • How do I check if I can e-invoice my recipient?

    How do I check if I can e-invoice my recipient? You can search for your recipient’s business name in the Peppol network’s directory, to confirm that they are part of the Peppol network. All entities registered in Singapore can be found in the https://www.peppoldirectory.sg/

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